Organic Hair Colour

Professional permanent hair colour without harsh chemicals

No Harsh Chemicals

Free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol…


Organic Ingredients

Certified organic extracts and natural ingredients

Gentle & Effective

Protein & moisture balanced, high resistant grey coverage

Animal Cruelty Free

Not Tested on Animals, accredited by PETA and CCF

Gentle and Effective

Our hair colour uses the maximum amount of certified organic extracts and natural ingredients to colour hair and maintains hair’s essential protein and moisture balance. Our colour’s unique approach is gentle but effective and colours well even resistant grey hair.

Colour without limits

Our colour takes the limits off creativity, we can create incredible infinite natural tones, fiery reds, intense coppers, rich golds, auburn browns, frosty platinums…

No Ammonia, No harsh chemicals

100% ammonia-free hair colour maintains the hair’s essential moisture and protein levels, and it doesn’t damage hair in the colouring process. Most other hair colours use harsh chemicals like ammonia that damage hair in the colouring process, stripping hair’s natural health and shine.

Free from parabens, resorcinol, formaldehyde , sulphate, Selenium Sulfide, and sodium chloride.

Also colouring with unique and special ingredients and natural pH adjuster reduce the amount of PPDs (colour pigments) to the absolute minimum, hugely less than other hair colours with ammonia.

Allergic to PPD/PTD?

We have Semi-permanent colours called ‘No Limits’ range, 100% free from both PPDs and PTDs.

We can use these semi-permanent colours as salon services at our salon, or you can purchase from us or online,

Naturally Better Colour

Certified Organic Ingredients

Our colours are rich in certified organic ingredients, plant extracts, amino-acids, natural oils, vitamins, and other nutrients to make sure your hair is left as healthy and vibrant as possible. No plastics. Non-GMO (genetically modified organism). Certified by the Soil Association Organic Standard and ECOCERT.

Hair Consultation & Skin Sensitivity Test

We invite all new clients to our salon to have a free consultation with a stylist.

It is the best to see your hair and discuss about colours.

Our body condition changes and allergies could trigger by number of contacts to certain ingredients over time. It is essential to have a skin sensitivity test, it is a very quick patch test but must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to any colour services. We apply a drop of dark colour shade to the back of your elbow and leave it for 1 hour, remove it and clean, and monitor for 48 hours.

Not Tested on Animals

All our products are not tested on animal, accredited by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and CCF (Choose Cruelty Free).

Manufacture's Promises

Making all packaging recyclable.
Using energy-efficient, low-carbon manufacturing methods.
Complying with all environmental laws and regulations.
Complying with Good Manufacturing Practices for the Cosmetics Industry.

Naturally Healthier Hair